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Shining glare of Jack (W.I.P)
A little something I have been working on while looking up movie stills. Took quite a long time to do finish and still in the progress of completing; Will get to it so be patient; when I submit W.I.P like these it means I'm working, and it will take some time to get back where I was with my drawing!
You think you can handle that?
Shining glare of Jack (W.I.P) by AesopDoodler
Shining glare of Jack (W.I.P)
A little something I have been working on while looking up movie stills. Took quite a long time to do finish and still in the progress of completing; Will get to it so be patient; when I submit W.I.P like these it means I'm working, and it will take some time to get back where I was with my drawing!
You think you can handle that?
I heard this song Rainbow Man by Busy P and thought for some reason that maybe a rap could be performed to this track. Taking some Humongous amount of time off I had actually typed up what I thought at the time was an okay poem. It's mainly about the mainstream music industry perpetuating this idea that the content of artists reflect societies today, when in actuality their forcing an ideal of how people should be; Beautiful, Famous, glamorous, like everyone should know you while you treat others like crap, or like you have the rich lifestyle and money, that everyone wants and therefore, the power. I guess that positive attitude may be enticing to that one person who feels down about their life situation and feels they need to get out of it, but I still think there are a few lies in there. Like people pursuing a goal only to be famous instead of actually being someone that is able help people and contribute to society, ( ie, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Technicians, even a chef). I feel like I've come so close to getting the right words for it, but I must admit it is tougher than it seems (credit to the artists that write their own lyrics lol). So, I tried a rap, because it gives me more room to put a lot of words especially when the song has a lot of beats allowing the words to sync and connect, and therefore get a flow going (Hip Hop 101!)

Anyways, enough stalling, here is my poem:

I’m sick of rappers rapping like you don’t know what rap music is

when we all know they have no better clever use for it

I thought they maybe kicked the nagging habit by now

Because somehow nobody knows why they began doing it


By the time their career is over they don’t know what happened

After selling tacky tracks, you now have to go back to

that thing you do

when money just won’t work out for you

And you’re never through because everything you do is never new,


You need to be willing to fill in every little syllable

Like an credited individual known for using every literal

Antique of musical Technique you can hear it too

If you let you mind teach your ears what it should listen to

Give a hoot n holler if you don’t care about what’s really cool

Or the heated hate coming from the critical nitpicky fools

Confused tools dealing with media abuse ignoring the truth

Because Slacking off is about all they ever knew


Here’s the template I contemplate to demonstrate

How to propagate hate and properly set a mandate

Want to know how to topple the industry?

It’s easy, take my hand as I guide you through to being sleazy

Simon says be a deviant too evil to be evened with

And weed out your friends like bunch of sleazy greedy miscreants

It’s hard being in the busy world to be seen in it

And seeing it for it’s cheesiness seems to be even less easy it’s

really a pity to hear a million and fifty whack tracks that sound shitty

top billboards and make stacks I mean really?

I am not even being mean it’s just me

Thinking through the busy streets

Through the beat of Busy P


If you got the beats and the words then you need to really SPEAK

Before the voice loses it’s touch grows old and WEAK

I can see you vent through hashtags to let you BREATHE

But if you don’t speak for others you won’t have a voice to KEEP


People call me an oddity

probably over competent

I prefer an odyssey

Honestly not too confident

Or dominant

I am a wannabe

I wanna be me

It’s my philosophy


And all that I need

I don’t want to be

In Sequels with whack people

Entering a career that never seems to

Treat you as equals



Don’t really need you

So easy to see


They don’t even see you

But if you work hard your roads will be paved with gold that’s all understood

Is that why India and Nigeria have their own Hollywood?

Who am I?

none other than TNT

trying to be different

The Next Thing Trying to avoid monotony

Drawing the bridge over the cesspool of hypocrisy

In the streets until the industry stops using artists for monopoly

I’d like to get in this game for I know it beats in the heart of me

And to anyone who thinks I give up so easily. Hardly

you choose to put me in a situation where I don’t wanna be

Why be so surprised to see this honest part of me?



Even the best Singers can be the worst listeners

Indigenous corporate prisoners for locust penny pinchers

Merging their complaints about being so immature

In a world that thinks it can be saved by their signatures

Even worse they are yapping their lips, and wagging their hips

Their fans call each other a fag or a bitch

So I’m a hater for trying to understand their little world?

As fewer people wanting to be popular fail to be familiar

Definition of musical genius or something similar

Maybe a titular mixture of a singer who is hitting newer

Levels with treble their ego won’t settle you’re never gonna get it

You just better forget it

You’re in the land of the lost like a rebel without a cause

As they take the stage

Get their name praised

With great applause



Are you kidding me?

Are artists always the winners this instantly?

And get awarded for their flippancy lacking responsibility

Is this why you got into this music industry? Seriously?


We need to look more into this music murder mystery

We give off our cash and gold to rich bigots wearing jewelry

I don’t care for lives of celebrities that got nothing to do with me

Getting fed tweets like bird seed social feed from TMZ


The message in this song isn’t so cleverly written

Yet everyone thinks I’m a hidden part of a system

You know what if you don’t want to believe in that stuff too

I won’t give in to hype, become cocky or get drugged to

The non-stop onslaught of offset nonsense

Constant misconceptions of my lyrical content

But it's no contest if you ignore the rest

who thought they were next

but didn't blow up yet

But how can I

Should I even bother

Am I mad or high

Will this be my only song

Summing up my entire life if I die?

I’m not even trying to be dumb it’s just me

Trying to understand morality

And why good people suffer casualties

It's maddening having me wake up at night

Something just don’t feel right

I feel like I lost the fight

Maybe there’s just way too much change to deal with

People telling me they feel this when they didn’t even read it


I don’t know for what or how long I’ll stay

But I will spare you the wordplay so I don't rot your mind away

And make it a gift nobody can take or hide away

Because a day comes when you decide to live your life the right way


It’s a simple mechanism

I think of it as a prism

illuminating in hidden rhythm

what makes life worth living


Because in this time of your life

you know what it’s like

To stay up in the dark

When you freeze up in the light

And maybe then the pain will subside

When you refract your mind

To better focus on that


inner light that shines inside

And that's it. I hope you enjoyed reading it, maybe it gave you something to feel happy about, I don't know, I'm not sure how to go about this, but I did like writing this, and I really tried thinking heavily on this thing, I would like to go deeper, but I didn't want to center my point on one area. I feel good about it, like I finally finished something. I only hope it gives someone the same feeling that life is way more important than just having the rich and glamorous hollywood celebrity lifestyle. Please leave a comment, and let me know your thoughts on it, heck, I'd like to hear someone try rapping this! Really, I'll help you if you plan on doing so lol. Anyways, seriously Thank you for giving this a read.

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